No expensive boat or gas needed here! Our lake is equipped with 2 Sesitec-engineered cable towing systems that allow wakeboarders to ride to their skill level.

Full Size Cable Park

The Full-Size Main cable system allows for up to 6 wakeboarders to ride at the same time in circular laps and perform tricks on our features including rails and kickers (or ramps). 


Wakeboard Lessons

The 2.0 Beginner cable system allows for one wakeboarder at a time to ride in a straight-line and is the perfect training tool for someone new to wakeboarding! 

Night Riding

Ride the cable At Night!   Friday Night we light the park up for night riding from 8 pm to 10 pm.  Check our Instagram for special hours and closures.  Also consider a beach bonfire and our bar is open late.

Night Time Wakeboarding